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    Boat Based Hunting Fishing and Shrimping

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    Hunting Services

    Unguided boat based hunting for black bear and black tail deer for Alaska residents and non-residents. Unguided brown bear and goat hunts for residents and non-residents escorted by an Alaska resident who is within second kindred.

    Guided boat based hunts for all species available on our boats with Registered Guide James(Bim) Blake. Call for information on guided hunts.

    Guided fishing included on most hunts. Shrimping available April 15-September 15.

    Alaska Good Time Charters LLC are licensed Big Game Transporters. As Transporters we provide transportation from Whittier to/from the field, meals and lodging aboard our 40' and 50' boats, plus the use of inflatable boats. Unguided hunts do not include assistance spotting, stalking, shooting, cleaning, caping or packing. Many hunters we transport have never skinned a bear. We suggest doing a bit of homework on the internet about the proper skinning and care of the hide. It isn't difficult once you know where to make the cuts. Knowing the right way will make your trophy that much better.

    Whittier Alaska is the starting point of all our hunts. To get to Whittier, fly into Anchorage, then rent a vehicle or van service for the one hour drive to Whittier. Detailed information provided at booking.

    Hunt Options

    Spring Black Bear Prince William Sound offers prime black bear hunting with potential for spectacular trophies with unsurpassed hide quality. Accommodations on the Good Times, wildlife, scenery and fishing opportunities make this a great trip to bring the spouse along, even if they don't care to hunt.

    Hunting is accomplished spotting from the Good Times or Fool's Gold, cruising small bays with inflatable boats or hunting from land. Spotting 20-30 bears on a 6 day hunt is common. Hunting pressure in Prince William Sound, like most areas, is increasing. Bears are wary and successful stalks are a challenge. Patience and persistence can produce trophy black bears. In spring, bears are found from the beach to 1500' depending on weather and food availability. Hillsides can often be steep as snow melts off first on steeper slopes. Spring hunts can offer great weather with cool mornings and temperatures in the 50's to 60's during the day. Rockfish, halibut fishing and shrimping available on most hunts.

    2-6 day hunts available on our 40' boat Fool's Gold, 6-8 day hunts on our 50' boat Good Times. Spring hunts available approximately May 5- June 10. Rates are posted at the bottom of this page.

    Fall Black Bear Hunts available September 10th to approximately October 15th. Black bear are often found feeding on salmon in streams until around September 22nd. Late September and October black bear feed on blueberries which grow in the forest and open alpine meadows in the 500-1000' elevation range. September and October weather tends to be wetter and windier than May-June hunts. Fishing opportunities available for halibut, rock fish, ling cod, occasionally salmon and shrimp.(shrimp Sept 10-15 only)

    Black Bear/Deer Hunt Combos available from September 10th until the bears hibernate in late October. We recommend 7-8 day hunts when pursuing multiple species.

    Blacktail Deer Hunts - Black tail deer were transplanted to Prince William Sound in the 1920's and now inhabit most of the Sound. Body size of deer today can exceed that of their ancestors by 50 -75 pounds. Some field dressed bucks have weighed in at 175-200 pounds. Trophy antlers are rare in Prince William Sound. The pictures to the right are representative of deer in our area. Liberal harvest, some of the finest venison available, fishing and comfortable accommodations are some of the benefits of our deer hunts.

    Although deer are occasionally found on the beach, climbing to elevations of 500' -1000' is normal. Calling, raking, walking and lots of looking/glassing are common methods of hunting. Hunters are transported to the beach each morning and picked up upon request. Daily drop off and pickups allow hunters to start in one location and be picked up elsewhere, saving time and energy. One of our Texan hunters refers to hunting with us as "hunting wild deer". It is a game of wits and Alaska deer will outwit you.

    Bag limit for Alaska residents is 5 deer, non-residents 4 deer. August 1- September is bucks only, October 1 -December 31 is either sex. From September 16-December 10th we offer lower rates for deer only hunts. The lower priced deer hunts provide 2 meals per day and one day of fishing in the hunt area weather providing.

    Fish/Deer Combos - Deer season opens August 1st. Trips that are primarily fishing trips combined with at least 2 days of hunting are offered using bear hunt rates, a savings up to 15% compared to fishing rates. The boat must be anchored 48 hours continuously to receive this rate.

    Mountain Goat - There are several fall registration goat hunts available in Prince William Sound for residents and non-residents. Non-resident guided goat hunts are available using our services in combination with Registered Guide James(Bim) Blake.

    Brown Bear - Unguided spring and fall general season hunts available for residents and non-residents escorted by an Alaska resident within second kindred. Guided brown bear hunts available.

    Why Alaska Good Time Charters LLC?

    Experience and Knowledge - The owner of Alaska Good Time Charters, who is also Captain on most trips on the Good Times, has been an Alaska resident more than 50 years, has been boating, fishing and hunting in Prince William Sound more than 30 years and the Good Times is the most comfortable and dependable boat offering live aboard hunts in Prince William Sound.

    From Our Guest Log - All things aboard the Good Times are a class act - Hermosa South Dakota

    My second trip-already thinking about a third. 225 pound halibut, 6'2" bear, great meals, first class captain and mate, breaching humpbacks, orcas, sea lions, glaciers and more. Bowling Green, Florida

    Our Boats

    40' FOOL'S GOLD is suitable for day trip and multi-day charters. Multi-day amenities don't match those of the Good Times, but work well for families or friends who don't need the privacy and comfort of the Good Times. On multiday trips, 4 adults or families up to 6 work best, although we can accommodate 6 adults. The major differences between the boats is Fool's Gold doesn't offer private cabins, showers, a dryer, has limited freezer space and just isn't as roomy. Fool's Gold normally has one inflatable versus two on the Good Times.

    50' GOOD TIMES offers 3 private guest cabins that sleep 2 each, 2 heads with walk in showers, a large salon to relax in, a large galley for great meals, and a covered cockpit (outside deck) for those less than perfect days. The Good Times has a full size refrigerator, freezer, clothes dryer and Jennaire oven.


    Black Bear - Bear/Fishing - Bear/Deer Hunt Rates - Good Times

    Party of 6 Days/ 5 Nights 7 Days/ 6 Nights 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    6 $2800 pp $3200 pp $3600 pp
    5 3000 pp $3500 pp $4000 pp
    4 3250 pp $3750 pp $4250 pp

    Black Bear - Bear/Fishing - Bear/Deer Hunt Rates - Fool's Gold

    Party of 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
    6 $800 pp $1200 pp $1600 pp $1975 pp $2350 pp
    5 $850 pp $1275 pp $1700 pp $2100 pp $2500 pp
    4 $1000 pp $1500 pp $2000 pp $2450 pp $2900 pp
    3* $1200 pp $1800 pp $2400 pp $2950 pp $3500 pp
    2* $1600 pp $2400 pp $3200 pp $3900 pp $4600 pp

    Blacktail Deer Hunts - September 16 - December 10 - Good Times

    Party of 5 Days/ 4 Nights 6 Days/ 5 Nights 7 Days/ 6 Nights
    6 $1625 pp $1900 pp $2150 pp
    5 $1875 pp $2200 pp $2500 pp
    4 $2125 pp $2450 pp $2750 pp

    10% discount for active duty military on live-aboard hunts!

    Rates include - transportation from Whittier to the field, daily drop off/ pickup to the beach, up to 3 meals per day on bear and combo hunts, 2 meals per day on deer only hunts, lodging aboard our yacht, Whittier sales tax and US Forest Service fees. Fuel surcharge may be applied- outlined in contract.

    Most charters will have 2 crew - Captain and deck hand. Charters with less than 4 passengers onboard may or may not have 2 crew members.

    Additional costs - include hunting license($85), game tags(Black bear $225, deer $150 each), airfare to Anchorage ($400- $900) transportation to/from Anchorage to Whittier($80- $120 pp), processing and shipping of fish and game.

    Deposit/Reservation Policy - ingle party bookings require a deposit of 50% or $5000, whichever is less and a signed contract. Deposits are 90% refundable up to 10 days from receipt of deposit and become non-refundable 11 days from receipt of deposit or contract. Balance is due 60 days before departure and is non-refundable. Split parties bookings (two or more parties) require full payment and a signed contract to confirm reservations and payments are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation Alaska Good Time Charters LLC will attempt to re-book another party and if successful, refund a portion of your payment.

    /Have Questions?

    Give David a call at (907) 715-7447 or e-mail by clicking here

    Alaska Good Time Charters LLC operates with permits from Alaska State Parks, USDA Forest Service, U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains, Coast Guard certified Certificate of Inspection(Fool's Gold), licensed Alaska Fishing Guides, Charter Halibut Permits, licensed Big Game Transporter, mandatory insurance coverage for government agencies, State of Alaska business license and City of Whittier business license. Isn't government wonderful!

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