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2014 Hunt Options

  • Spring Black Bear (May 12- June 10)
  • Fish/Deer Combos (August 18 - September 7)
  • Fall Black Bear  (September 10-October 15)
  • Fall Bear/Deer Combos (September 10-October 30)
  • Fall Deer Hunts  (September 16-December 10)
Guided fishing included on most hunts!!!

Hunting Services and Options

Alaska Good Time Charters LLC offers boat based (live aboard) black bear and black tail deer hunts on the waters of Prince William Sound. Our boats provide transportation from Whittier to and from the field, living quarters and our crew will provide meals onboard. Additionally, the 50' Good Times has 2 inflatable boats and the 40' Fool's Gold has 1 inflatable boat for beach access.

Our hunts are unguided - spotting, stalking, shooting, cleaning and packing are the hunters responsibility.

We also offer unguided goat and brown bear hunts for Alaska residents and their non-resident relatives, (within second kindred).

2014 Hunt Details

Spring Black Bear - Spring bear hunts are available on both our 40' and 50' boats. Hunts on our 50' boat are 6-8 days, on our 40' boat 2-6 days. Spring 2012 15 of 20 hunters harvested a bear. Spring hunts include fishing near the hunt area. The past 3 years halibut and rock fish opportunities have been very good with several big halibut taken.

Fish/Deer Combos - A unique opportunity to hunt black tail deer and fish for halibut and salmon on the same trip. This is a bucks only hunt and is offered on both our 40' and 50' boats. A $1000 per party discount is being offered on this trip for 5-6 day trips on our 40' boat and 6 day trips on our 50' boat providing we spend 2 or more days anchored for the purposes of hunting.

Fall Black Bear - Fall bear hunts are available on both our 40' and 50' boats. Hunts on our 50' boat are 6-8 days, on our 40' boat 2-6 days. Early fall hunts bears may be feeding on salmon, which can make them vulnerable, although large bears don't come easy. Halibut fishing has been good on fall hunts the last several years. Salmon fishing is sometimes available on early fall hunts.

Fall Bear/Deer Combos - Bear/deer combos are available on our 40' and 50' boats (limited availability on 40'). Most years deer/bear hunts are quite successful. Fishing opportunities vary on bear/deer combos depending on location chosen - there usually isn't sufficient time to do well on bear, deer and fish on the same trip.

Fall Deer Hunts - 5-7 day fall deer hunts are available only on our 50' boat, Good Times. Shorter hunts are usually available on our 40' boat. Deer hunt success is down from 10 years ago due to heavy snows and colder winter temperatures creating higher than average winter kill (global warming?). 10 years ago, harvesting more than 10 deer on a 6 day hunt was common, today it is the exception. Black tail deer are my (David) favorite animal to hunt in Alaska. To say it is easy just isn't the case - they are smart and the terrain is challenging. On the other hand, it would be hard to find a more beautiful place to hunt, a better tasting animal and a more comfortable camp site than the Good Times - food's pretty good too.

What To Expect

Excellent black bear hunting at a fraction of the cost of guided hunting. Harvesting trophy black bear requires patience, skill and a bit of luck. Over 90% of our hunters have the opportunity to harvest a bear - harvest the last 3 years is about 70%. On one 2010 6 day bear hunt clients saw 43 black bear - 20 to 30 is more common. Hunting style varies by hunter desires. Spot and stalk is the most common in spring. In the fall, sitting on a salmon stream in the early part of the season can be productive. In October, alpine blue berry patches are a great attraction to bears.

Bear hunts are a great time to bring the spouse along, even if they don't care to hunt. The wildlife, scenery and fishing alone are worth the trip.

Black tail deer numbers are recovering from a high winter kill in 2008. David, owner of Alaska Good Time Charters LLC, hunted in 2010, harvesting 3 bucks in 3 days and had opportunity for 2 more. David has years of experience hunting Prince William Sound - first time clients should not expect such results. Hunter success varies a lot on deer hunts. On average, hunters are harvesting 1 to 1.5 deer per hunter. If you enjoy the challenge of hunting, black tail deer are very skilled at the game of hide and seek and are truly great sport. Fall combo bear/deer hunts have been quite successful recently.

Where is Whittier/Prince William Sound?

60 miles south of Anchorage - getting to us is as simple as renting a car/van and driving down.

Why Alaska Good Time Charters LLC?

Experience and Knowledge - The Captain and owner of Alaska Good Time Charters, David Pinquoch, has more than 25 years experience hunting, fishing and sightseeing in Prince William Sound and 20 years chartering in Prince William Sound.

From Our Guest Log - All things aboard the Good Times are a class act - Hermosa, South Dakota

My second trip-already thinking about a third. 225 pound halibut, 6'2" bear, great meals, first class captain and mate, breaching humpbacks, orcas, sea lions, glaciers and more. Bowling Green, Florida

4 hunters,3 bears, all over 18". Good food, good company, Heck of a vacation. Grand Rapids, MI

Which Boat?

Which boat depends on your priorities - Fool's Gold offers a better price and shorter trip options. Good Times offers a lot more comfort and space and more amenities such as a dryer, freezers and more privacy,

50 ' M/V Good Times was designed and built as a live-aboard yacht. It offers 3 private guest cabins that sleep 2 each, 2 heads with walk in showers, a large salon to relax in, a large galley for great meals, and a covered cockpit (outside deck) for those less than perfect days. The Good Times has a full size refrigerator, freezer, clothes dryer and Jennaire oven.

40' M/V Fool's Gold was designed and built as a day trip fishing charter boat. She has great walk around decks, the speed to make short trips productive and is large enough to handle most days in Prince William Sound comfortably. Extensive remodeling allows us to conduct multiday trips as well as day trips. Amenities don't match those of the Good Times, but work well for families or friends who don't need the privacy and comfort of the Good Times. Fool's Gold works best for 4 adults or families up to 6, but we can accommodate 6 adults plus crew.


Black Bear - Bear/Fishing - Bear/Deer Hunt Rates - Good Times

Party of 6 Days/ 5 Nights 7 Days/ 6 Nights 8 Days/ 7 Nights
6 $2800 pp $3200 pp $3600 pp
5 3000 pp $3500 pp $4000 pp
4 3250 pp $3750 pp $4250 pp

Black Bear - Bear/Fishing - Bear/Deer Hunt Rates - Fool's Gold

Party of Weekender 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
  (2 Days/2 Nights)        
6 $950 pp $1175 pp $1550 pp 1900 pp $2150 pp
5 $1075 pp $1375 pp $1800 pp $2200 pp $2700 pp
4 $1200 pp $1600 pp $2050 pp $2550 pp $3000 pp
3* $1400 pp $1700 pp $2200 pp $2700 pp $3250 pp
2* $1750 pp $2300 pp $2900 pp $3500 pp 4100 pp

New for 2013 - We now book parties of 2-3 with the intent of booking another party of 2-4. On 6 day hunts if we are able to book a second party both parties will be moved to the Good Times if available and the per person price will be $3250 pp. Rates in red are not exclusive, either boat may be used, and the crew may be limited to a Captain only. Split party hunters are charged the party of 4 rate even when the total number exceeds 4.

* Pay an additional 10% above prices listed in red and the charter becomes exclusive to your party of 2-3.

Blacktail Deer Hunts - September 16 - December 10 - Good Times

Party of 5 Days/ 4 Nights 6 Days/ 5 Nights 7 Days/ 6 Nights
6 $1500 pp $1750 pp $2000 pp
5 $1750 pp $2050 pp $2350 pp
4 $2000 pp $2300 pp $2600 pp

Deer hunts include transportation to/from Whittier to the field, daily drop off and pickup, housing aboard the Good Times, 2 meals per day and 1 day of guided fishing near the hunt area, weather permitting.

10% discount for active duty military on live-aboard hunts!

Additional costs - Hunting license $85, game tags - black bear $225, deer $150 each, airfare to Anchorage, transportation to/from Anchorage to Whittier ($80 - $120 pp), processing and shipping of game. Fuel surcharge possible if fuel exceeds $4.00 per gallon. We recommend purchasing hunting/fishing licenses and tags online ? www.admin.adfg.state.ak.us/license

Deposit/Reservation Policy - Single party bookings require a deposit of $3000 per party and a contract signed by all parties to confirm reservations. Deposits are 95% refundable up to 30 days from receipt of deposit. Deposits become non-refundable 31days from receipt of deposit. Balance is due 60 days before departure and all funds become non-refundable at that time. Split parties bookings (two or more parties) require full payment and a signed contract to confirm reservations and payments are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation Alaska Good Time Charters LLC will attempt to re-book another party and if successful, refund a portion of your payment.


After 20 years in this business I've found that every hunter has different questions and it is impossible to have all the answers on a web site or in a brochure. If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them by telephone (907) 715-7447 or if you prefer by e-mail:agtc.david@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting our website!     David Pinquoch

Operating under special use permits by Chugach National Forest and Alaska State Parks.

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